“I could relate to this family, since I am a mother of two daughters”

Eliza_Rumthao_3.jpgNeeru* was 3 ½ years old when a man in his late 20s took her from a homeless shelter where she was staying with her parents and he raped her. I could relate to this family since I am a mother of two daughters. Neeru was my daughter’s age and they are from outside Delhi and so are we. After first meeting Neeru, her face constantly came up in my mind...I asked myself what if this happens to my daughter and what if this happens to me and my family. How will I response/react? I could relate to her mother’s pain and tears, of her daughter’s future. She must be thinking, what will people think of me/us?

When the CSJ team met Neeru the family was not aware of what the police were doing in the case. We explained the process of the criminal justice system and helped the family with Neeru’s colostomy bag operation. She was injured so badly from the rape. Our lawyer filed an application so the family could receive money from the government to help with expenses. Our social worker helped the family open a bank account to transfer the money. The family today is in stable condition emotionally, mentally from when we first met them. I have begun to think it is possible to restore life when we reach our helping hand to those in need and pain.

It is truly humbling to witness this family cultivate their trust in our social worker and lawyer for their child’s case. This gives me hope and helps me sustain in this work.

- Eliza Rumthao, CSJ Director (pictured in photo)

* The child's name is changed and we are intentionally vague about the description of the case due to its sensitive nature and so we protect the identity of our client.

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