"With a ray of hope in her eyes"

CSJ_Gobal_Family_Gandhi.jpgFatima’s* case was referred to us in August 2013. Fatima first came to Delhi looking for a job, and she was raped by her placement agency owner in an office room where she spent the night. When the case was referred to us, Fatima was in critical condition, undergoing treatment for tuberculosis. The social worker at the shelter home where she was staying worried whether she would survive. When we started working with her, she was still recovering and struggling to breathe. I could hear her breathe from across the room.

We began our journey together from there and travelled through lots of conversation about her studies, hobbies, and family.  We had some difficult conversations about the case and what she expected from us. She finally testified and then was restored back home to her family outside Delhi. Fatima was courageous when she testified. She withstood strong and difficult cross examination. I have seen her grow from a moody little girl to a very elegant lady with a ray of hope in her eyes.

Before Fatima went back home, the last memory I have is her running down the stairs when she saw me and she hugged me. She said she was happy to see me and also expressed her annoyance because I did not visit her more often.  I hope wherever she is, she is safe, happy, healthy.

- Priyangee Guha, Advocate

 * The child's name is changed and we are intentionally vague about the description of the case due to its sensitive nature and so we protect the identity of our client.

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