About Us


CSJ’s vision is that people impacted by sexual abuse and other forms of violence in India have access to justice systems that repair harm, empower the vulnerable and reconcile broken relationships, keeping each victim’s needs central to the process.


Our mission is to pursue justice and healing for survivors of sexual violence in India and
advocate for effective and compassionate justice systems.


We seek inner strength that comes from knowing who we are and where we are going. We
focus on integrity, humility and honesty.

We desire to understand our clients, defend them, protect them and alleviate their suffering.

We desire to improve ourselves and perfect our craft so we can effectively represent our

We relentlessly pursue the best interests of our clients.  We do not give up.

We pursue relationships and common understanding with colleagues, government officials and
partners in our work.


  • Sylvia Derby
  • Eliza Rumthao

CSJ Team

  • Jonathan Derby, Founder 
  • Urvashi Tilak, Research and Systems Change Manager 
  • Deborah Patel, Lead Social Worker 
  • Nikita Kataria, Social Worker 
  • Avaantika Chawla, Advocate 
  • Arti Mohan, Restorative Justice Fellow 
  • Priyanka Sarin, Office Manager 
  • Meagan Clark, Communications Manager

U.S. Sister Organization

Counsel to Secure Justice works closely with Call to Justice, based in San Francisco, California. Call to Justice partners with grassroots organizations in India to train and equip advocates to walk with victims of sexual violence during dark and confusing times, and to promote justice systems that protect and care for victims.