Five Core Values


We seek inner strength that comes from knowing who we are and where we are going. We focus on integrity, humility and honesty.


We desire to understand our clients, defend them, protect them and alleviate their suffering.


We desire to improve ourselves and perfect our craft so we can effectively represent our clients.


We relentlessly pursue the best interests of our clients.  We do not give up.


We pursue relationships and common understanding with colleagues, government officials and partners in our work.


Pursue justice and healing for survivors of sexual violence in India and advocate for effective and compassionate justice systems.


Every woman and girl in India who comes forward about sexual violence has an advocate that pursues justice for her and access to effective and compassionate justice systems.


Give survivors of sexual violence effective access to the criminal justice system. CSJ provides counsel, either on staff or through pro bono networks, who advocate for client interests throughout criminal proceedings.

Strengthen the criminal justice system so it delivers more compassionate and effective justice. CSJ strengthens the criminal justice system through strategies that target problems identified doing casework, so it delivers more compassionate and effective justice.

Develop advocates who are servant leaders. CSJ has a two-year fellowship program that develops young advocates into leaders who have refined and practical professional skills, high standards of personal and professional ethics and a heart to serve the poor and disadvantaged.