An encouraging client case update

child_in_gully.JPGIn light of stories Ravinder and Shuhbam shared last week, I want to give an encouraging update on another incest case our team is handling. Currently, the young victim resides in a protective shelter. She is scheduled to testify next week against her brother, who sexually abused her.

Her family desperately wants to regain custody of her before she testifies. We know their likely strategy all too well: if an incest victim is restored to an unsupportive family, chances are high the family will convince her to retract her story.

The family appealed to the Delhi High Court seeking custody, despite a Child Welfare Committee order mandating she stay in the shelter until she testifies. 

Today, together with the CWC and our partner iProBono, we convinced the Delhi High Court Division Bench to allow our client to stay in protective shelter at least until she testifies.  This is a big victory as we seek justice in this case.

Final week of Lend a Hand campaign

The Lend a Hand campaign is quickly coming to an end. This week you’ll hear from Richa, Shohini, Bharat, Deborah and Sayema. You’ll learn about CSJ’s first client—Savitri*, a 3-year old girl sexually abused by the husband of her playschool’s principle—as well as two of our most recent cases.

Take time now to step forward and Lend a Hand so we can achieve the campaign’s goals. Here’s a recap of where we stand:
  • Rs. 3,98,850 ($6,136).  Goal is Rs. 6.5 lakh ($10,000)
  • 648 likes.  Goal is 700 likes
While we’ve made progress, we still have work to do.  Here are three ways to help:

1) Donate or pledge to CSJ. Commit to giving a one time or recurring monthly donation so we can continue bringing light to children and their families in times of greatest darkness. Click here to donate to the Campaign.

2) Share about the campaign.  Like our Facebook page and share the posts.  Encourage your friends and family to give.  I’ve drafted an email that you can send along to your friends.  Email me and I'll send it to you.

3) Encourage our staff.  As staff share their stories, encourage them with comments under the Facebook or blog posts.

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