But he chose instead to fight for justice

girls_and_grandfather.JPGThe case that impacted me most was that of Savitri*, a 3 year old girl who was raped by the husband of her play school's principle.

What moved me most was the determination of Savitri’s father, a man juggling two jobs, who only slept while travelling between jobs. If he wanted, he could have hushed up the incident as Savitri was only 3 at that time; that’s what mostly happens because of the stigma attached to sexual abuse.  Because he chose to fight for justice, he endured threats, physical assault from the family of the accused.  They even had someone file a false sexual harassment case against him.  But he persisted in his fight.

Our advocate Chandra Suman provided legal and emotional support to Savitri’s father. He stood by him during the ordeal and even helped file a police complaint to stop the intimidation.

Chandra Suman also completed the difficult task of preparing Savitri, a 3 year old child, so thoroughly that she told the judge in very simple terms what happened to her. But more than anything, it was Savitri’s father and his love for his daughter, who stood by her in such adverse circumstances, that gives me hope all is not lost.

- Richa Bedi, Office Manager, South Delhi

Note: image are illustrative only and do not depict people from the story.

* name changed to protect identity

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