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Our Clients

CSJ provides comprehensive representation to survivors of sexual assault throughout criminal proceedings. The cases we take need to meet the following criteria:

  • The survivor is younger than 18 years old
  • The sexual assault offence involves physical violence or clear coercion
  • The survivor cannot afford or does not have access to an advocate

Our Goals

CSJ provides a social worker and a lawyer to represent clients throughout criminal proceedings. There are four main objectives for the cases we take:

Rightful conviction. The judge convicts the accused based on evidence that supports the decision.

Swift justice. Cases moves swiftly through the criminal justice system, so our clients see justice quickly and are able to move forward with their lives.

Victim-sensitive process. We support our clients at each stage of the criminal proceeding to make the experience easier for them.

Restoration of clients. We provide our clients direct counseling services and connect them with long-term care providers that help them restore their lives.

Our Services

Effective Criminal Justice

  • A team of a social worker and lawyer provides clients emotional and legal support throughout criminal proceedings.
  • We help clients secure rights and protections required by law when they give statements to the police and before the magistrate, during their medical exam, and when they testify at trial
  • We push for client cases to move quickly through the criminal justice system. We advocate for police and courts to follow legally prescribed timelines when they investigate and adjudicate cases.

Effective Restorative Justice

  • We provide clients direct services, like counseling and representation at Child Welfare Committee hearings, for immediate support and protection.
  • We advocate for victim compensation so our clients and their families have access to money to handle needs stemming from the sexual assault.
  • We connect our clients with organizations and professionals that provide the care and support services they need to begin to restore their lives.

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