CSJ starts Lend a Hand campaign on 2nd birthday


Support Bandhu and send words of encouragement

Goal: Raise Rs. 6 lakh ($10,000) by August 31, 2014

Today marks CSJ's 2nd birthday.  While we celebrate CSJ's achievements the last two years, more importantly we reflect on the inspiring people we serve, because their lives give meaning to the work we do.

For the rest of August we'll share the inspiring story of Bandhu and his struggle for justice after his 15-year old daughter Pari was raped.  It's a story of courage, resilience and deep love for Pari--a universal love fathers have for their daughters--and it fuels Bandhu's steadfast search for justice and a better future for Pari.

We need your help.  We want to raise Rs. 6 lakh ($10,000) to support Bandhu, Pari and others like them during confusing and lonely times.  

We need you to do three things:

1)  Donate or make a pledge to CSJ

-  Within India - pledge a donation here.  
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-  We'll keep everyone updated on our goal on this blog.

2)  Post a note of encouragement

-  Write an encouraging word to Bandhu and his family.
-  Post your note at the bottom of the campaign page OR 
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-  If you donate, we'll translate and share your note to Bandhu and his family.

3)  Spread the word about the campaign

-  Share about this campaign to your friends and family via email or social media.  
-  Our fundraising goal is ambitious. Help us grow our community to make it possible.

When we reach our Rs. 6 lakh goal, a CSJ supporter will make a Rs. 6 lakh matching donation!

Many stories have been written about rape in India since the December 16, 2012 gang-rape and eventual death of Nirbhaya, which sparked outrage around the world.  But the journey we'll take will give deeper insight into the injustices that dark forces of violence and prejudice pose in impoverished communities like where Bandhu and his family live.  

Let's start with Bandhu sharing his story in his own words...

(names changed to protect identities)


My name is Bandhu. My daughter Pari is 15 years old.  She was abducted from school and raped by two older boys from the locality. The boys took her to an isolated area south of Delhi.  They put newspaper on the car windows and took turns raping her.  When I went to police to report my daughter missing, I found her sitting nearby the police station shivering in fear. 

I filed a case with police, but they have given me so much trouble.  A relative of the accused is a police official in the locality so they are against me.  Friends of the accused ask why I pursue the case.  They say it will drag on for years.  But I want justice for Pari.  Now she has a dream to be a lawyer.  Even if I have to die, I want to make sure she gets justice. 

I learned about Counsel to Secure Justice from the Child Welfare Committee at Nirmal Chayya in Delhi.  I was looking for other lawyers to help me, but they all wanted money and I could not pay them.  Then God sent me Chandra Suman ji.  He is a lawyer from Counsel to Secure Justice.   Now I do not feel helpless.  I know he will win my daughter’s case because he is handling it properly.  He helped Pari testify in court.  I will testify soon and Chandra Suman ji has worked hard so I testify well.

One day after Chandra Suman ji became my lawyer, local police came to my home and beat me up.  They filed a false case against me.  Chandra Suman ji called the Station House Officer and told him I was an innocent man.  He also talked to the Deputy Commissioner of Police and the DCP came to my home and told me the local police would not bother me.

I have gone through so much, but there is no one to share my burdens with.   I cannot share them with my closest ones.  I do not want them to know what happened to my daughter.  Chandra Suman ji is the only source of support I have. 

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