In the darkest of times, she saw light

Light_and_moon.JPGIn a small alley we waited till we saw a mother, Roshini*, pacing towards us. Her face brightened and a tiny smile reached her lips.  It seemed like she was emerging from a tunnel of hopelessness and despair.  Someone was there to help her.

Roshini witnessed a mother's greatest pain at the hands of someone who was family, her husband. He consistently sexually abused his own daughter for more than two months. ‘She is my daughter, how can I let this happen to her,’ she thought after learning about the sexual abuse. ‘But I am scared. I have nobody.’  Despite this fear, Roshini came forward and reported the abuse to police.

CSJ has stood with Roshini in her fight for justice, supporting her during times of stress or where she was threatened and pressurized to withdraw the case.  After reporting the abuse, she still has bouts of anxiety but is not scared. She has started a small business so she can sustain her family. 

Roshini looks confident now.  And while she still has a long way to go, we will walk with her on the journey towards justice.

- Neha Das, social worker

* The mother's name is changed and we are intentionally vague about the description of the case due to its sensitive nature and so we protect the mother's identity.

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