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To celebrate CSJ's 4th birthday, we're kicking off the third annual Lend a Hand campaign. From 13 August to 1 September, we're sharing stories from our staff about children we help to show how lending a hand changes lives.

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Child sexual abuse is a significant problem in India. More than half of children in India have experienced sexual abuse, according to a government survey. Twenty-one percent have experienced severe sexual abuse, which includes rape.

The criminal justice system is overburdened and sometimes insensitive to the needs of victims. Trials are delayed for years and chances of conviction are low: only 28% cases ended in conviction across India in 2014. It’s not surprising that most victims never report abuse, from fear of stigma, retaliation or hopelessness that reporting the crime would result in justice or improve their situation.

When rapes are reported to police, children and their families often navigate the justice system alone, leaving them confused, intimidated and unaware of their rights during the process.


Momentum is gaining across India to improve justice for sexual violence survivors. A 2012 gang rape in Delhi invigorated government and NGO focus on rape and sexual abuse. Legislation was introduced to better protect children from sexual abuse and improve justice delivery for children with child-friendly courts and procedures.


CSJ improves victims’ access to criminal justice and restorative care needed for justice and healing.

  • Our lawyers and social workers advocate for children throughout criminal proceedings, from when they report abuse to judgment
  • We collaborate with police, child welfare authorities, hospitals, courts and public prosecutors to give our clients a voice
  • We train local police on child sexual abuse laws and procedures to more effectively and sensitively handle child sexual abuse cases
  • We connect our clients to support services needed to help recover from sexual abuse, including counseling, medical care, financial compensation, protective shelter and education needs

Beyond the technical expertise we give, what matters most to our clients is we stand with them during dark and confusing times in their lives, when often those they are closest to have rejected them.


To support 10 children and their families from first response till judgement, we need $20,000 (Rs. 13.3 lakh). Your money will help support a team of a social worker and a lawyer for the duration of the cases.

When you lend a hand, together we are stronger.

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