Lend a Hand campaign: week 2

Brave.jpgThis week we’ll look deeper into a disturbing problem we've been exposed to a lot: incest, or sexual abuse by an immediate family member.  Since starting operations, 30% of CSJ's cases have been incest cases, 40% this year alone. 

Last week, Neha shared about Roshini’s pain when she learned her husband had sexually abused her daughter. This week Ravinder and Shubham will share about two other incest cases.

These stories are dark and hard to read.  But I ask you to read them. Let their reality soak in. Let your eyes opened to the awful injustices so many children face; your heart stirred to do something, whether liking CSJ’s Facebook page, sharing a post, donating to our work or something more.

Many of you have already done something to help CSJ already, that's why you're getting this email. But what's your next step going to be?

Step forward and lend a hand, because together we are stronger.

 Campaign to date (day 8 of 19)

  • Rs. 94,500 ($1,575); goal is Rs. 6.5 lakh ($10,000)
  • 574 Facebook likes; goal is 700 likes

It's simple to give a gift to support the campaign:

Within India: Go here and sign up and we’ll get in touch with you. 

Outside India: Donate online here. Set up a recurring gift and all 2015 monthly donations will count towards this campaign.

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