Light is someone who listens

“When you initially met me, I was scared to talk to you. 
But now I find hope in talking with you.”
- Ranjana*

Ranjana_(light_is_someone_who_hears_your_story).jpgThis image Ranjana captured to represent light focuses on CSJ social worker Deborah, who supports Ranjana as her case winds through the criminal justice process. 

Ranjana grew up in a village in eastern India. Her family sent her to Delhi to earn money for them. Away from her village and support system, Ranjana was subjected to sexual abuse. Now she stays in a protective home with whom CSJ partners. 

Ranjana sees light in those who make themselves available to listen. “When you initially met me, I was scared to talk to you,’ she tells Deborah. “But now I find hope in talking with you.” 

When Ranjana met Deborah, she considered her an outsider; Ranjana’s experience with outsiders wasn’t nice. Deborah saw Ranjana improve drastically during her stay at the protective home. As they continued to meet and talk, gradually Ranjana opened up about what she had gone through. “She went from being withdrawn and quiet to someone who runs across the room to greet me with a hug every time I visit her,” Deborah explains. 

Ranjana continues to suffer from internal injuries caused by the abuse. She longs for justice and to be reunited with her family in her village. But as she waits, Ranjana lives in a safe, loving home among caregivers with whom she can sit down and process her different emotions and thoughts about all that has happened.

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* Name changed to protect identity

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