Savitri's case: a three year old child sexually assaulted at play school

Savitri was 3 years old when the principal’s husband sexually assaulted her at her play school. When her mother noticed blood stains on her underwear later that day, Savitri told her about the abuse. Although the accused and the co-accused are currently out on bail, CSJ filed an application to cancel bail. The father has been threatened on multiple occasions (circumstances point to the accused’s family making the threats) but Savitri’s parents are determined to gain justice for their daughter. CSJ has filed a complaint with the police notifying them about the threats so that the police can take action if these threats are realized. Savitri and her family are doing better since she started going to school again. Initially, HAQ worked with Manas Foundation to ensure that the family, especially the father, was receiving counseling. Recently, HAQ and CSJ received feedback from Manas that the family does not need regular counseling. A HAQ social worker is following up with the family bi-monthly to ensure they are receiving adequate emotional support. 

Additionally, CSJ and HAQ are preparing Savitri for her testimony on 07.08.2013.

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