That look

Hands_2.jpgRecently, a case was referred to us where a teenage girl named Poornima* was raped by a tantric. Poornima had a history of having seizures from when she was very young. Someone from her community told her mother to visit a tantric, because he could heal Poornima from her seizures. The 65 year old tantric came to her house, took her into a room and on the pretext of curing her, he raped her.  The rape was a catalyst that rapidly deteriorated her health and triggered seizures.

At present Poornima is admitted in the neurological ward of a hospital. When I visited her and her mother, Poornima was lying on the bed, in semi-coma condition, getting fed through the feeder-tube. I could feel the pain and empathise with her for what she was going through. We talked to her mother and explained our services. During our talk Poornima’s mother told us that we were the only hope for her.  She could only trust and rely on us completely. It was definitely a high moment for me that during the times of despair, we were a glimmer of hope for them.

I’d like to share a poem I wrote about Poornima looking at me when I saw her in the hospital:

That Look! 
That look that shook me,
And blew me of the hooks.
Motionless! Still!
May be looking at the dead end,
A tender age and a lot to fend.
That look!
That look that made me not look,
That look which finds mention in no book.
For every answer that I probably will offer,
Without the guts to seek the question.
A moment, a never-before-situation,
I will have to go through that look!
That look!
I reprieved, though,
Before I could sink,
Yes! I saw her blink.
Maybe she noticed me,
Maybe I woke her up,
Maybe I walked into her abstrusity.
But sure did she blink.
And once more,
And the curve under her nose,
And widened.

- Sayema Mubin, advocate

* Name changed to protect identity

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  • Jordan Maahs
    commented 2015-08-31 19:39:32 +0530
    Thank you so much for sharing this story Sayema, and the beautiful poem as well. It really reminds us of the need to continue your work. Thank you!