Their scars will remain for so long

The reality of our work is that we try really hard to help a child who is incredibly vulnerable, but sometimes the family decides not to take our support. That's what happened in Jahangir's* case.

Read further about the thoughts from our social worker Shubham Kumar... 

two_boys.JPGThe case which I want to share that impacted me so much is the case of Jahangir, a 7-year old boy, and his brother, 4 years old, who were sexually abused by their father.  We helped the mother lodge a police complaint against Jahangir’s father.

I was at the police station when we helped Jahangir's mother file the police complaint.  The mother was grateful for us because she was illiterate and did not know what to do.  While Jahangir’s mother was brave to file a complaint against her husband, she finally decided not to go through with the case.  She told us how much of a burden it was on her to travel and miss work for the case. I also think there is so much pressure for the mother not to cooperate. Her husband was the only bread earner in the family and there was pressure from others in her family too.

I was upset about her decision because the children will suffer.  Their scars will remain for so long, even now Jahangir has fever and is suffering from trauma. This shows how hard it is for a mother to come forward about incest, especially without support from the family.

Note: Image shown is for illustrative purposes only and does not depict children from the story

* Name changed to protect identity

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