True Justice is Accountability After Gang Rape: Juhi's Story

accountability.jpgFrom April 6-30, we're telling stories of women and children we help to show what True Justice looks like. We hope to raise $50,000 to help more children like Juhi.

Fourteen-year-old Juhi* was fetching milk in the early evening when five men in a truck abducted her. They drove her into the outskirts of the city and gang-raped her inside empty buildings for two weeks.

Juhi tried to run away. After her second attempt, the men locked her inside a store house with three dead bodies. Finally promising to drop her back home, Juhi’s rapists then lured her into a car, beat her, shot her twice with a gun, and dumped her, bleeding, into a well to die.

Miraculously, Juhi regained consciousness and screamed for help.

"I felt a bullet lodged in my chest and yanked it out,” Juhi said. “The other bullet grazed my armpit. I wanted to live and fight the injustice.”

A passerby heard Juhi, and the police lifted her from the well and took her to the hospital.

True justice requires accountability—for offenders, to suffer consequences for wrongs they have committed; for victims, to reinforce the message that what happened to them was wrong.  

Although Juhi’s rapists are well-connected in a mafia and expressed confidence in their impunity, they were all quickly arrested and denied bail.  Counsel to Secure Justice works with the police and courts to hold offenders accountable for their crimes and build awareness that laws against sexual violence are upheld in Delhi.

CSJ social workers Deborah and Nikita and lawyer Arti will help Juhi prepare for her testimony in court and have answered her questions about the bail hearings. Juhi feared any of the accused would be granted bail and try to harm her or her family.

The accused hired several private lawyers, who used fake age certificates to argue one of the accused was a juvenile. A bone test showed his age to be mid-twenties, and his lawyers tried to discredit the doctor who performed the test. Arti argued that the accused was a major, and the judge agreed, trying him as an adult.

Juhi is continuing her studies from a shelter home where she can receive medical care, protection and counselling. Her mother visits regularly. CSJ will continue to advocate for Juhi until the end of her trial and her complete healing.

“No one should go through what I did,” Juhi said, determined that her rapists will be held accountable for what they have done.

To help more women and children like Juhi, donate to the True Justice campaign today.

*Name changed to protect identity.

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  • Cornelius Gomes
    commented 2017-04-15 15:49:54 +0530
    This is a growing crime and the need of the hour is to fight such cases in the court which will account for maximum sentence for the accused and the Government to sponsor the victim for complete rehabilitation.