We made it!

Hands.jpgWe exceeded the goals set for the 2015 Lend a Hand campaign!  Thank you for supporting the Campaign and standing with us in our work. 

I hope our team's stories gave you greater insight into why are work is so vital, and left you encouraged that such outstanding people are walking with extremely vulnerable people during dark times in their lives.

Campaign wrap-up
Here’s a wrap up of how we did:

Raised Rs. 8,60,985 ($13,246).  The campaign goal was Rs. 6.5 lakh ($10,000).

770 Facebook likes. The campaign goal was 700 Facebook likes.  At the beginning of the Campaign we had 525 likes, so the CSJ Facebook page had an increase of 245 likes in 19 days!

Please continue to share about our work among your networks. Point your friends and family to the CSJ blog where they can read thoughts that Eliza, Priyangee, Neha, Ravinder, Shubham, Richa, Shohini, Sayema and Bharat shared during the Campaign.

So often our staff are the one's supporting and advocating for people who need help.  It was encouraging and humbling that you supported us, still a young and vulnerable organization, during our time of need.  

Truly, when you lend a hand, together we are stronger.

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